6 Ways to Attract More Talent this Year

Finding the right talent for your company is no small feat, especially in today’s competitive market. As more organizations search for qualified candidates, skilled professionals have become increasingly scarce. In fact, research presented by Korn Ferry predicts that by 2030, there could be as many as 85 million unfilled roles due to a shortage of skilled workers.


To compound matters, job seekers are now more selective than ever when it comes to choosing where they work. With an abundance of positions available for virtually every job role, candidates have the luxury of being particular about company culture, benefits, and even employer branding. If you want to attract and retain the best people for your team, it’s essential to update your hiring strategy.


Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to get started.

1. Refine Your Employer Brand

Your company’s employer brand is a critical factor that sets you apart from other top retail organizations competing for the same talent. It’s the unique combination of your salary and benefit options, a sense of purpose, and shared values that attracts candidates and makes them want to work for you.


In today’s competitive hiring landscape, establishing a strong employer brand is essential for success. Yet, many companies still struggle to position themselves effectively in front of the right candidates. So, what can you do to stand out?

Start by defining what motivates people to work with your business. Consult with your team members and gather insights into what convinced them to stay with your company over the years. Perhaps you have a fantastic leadership team, various opportunities for development and growth, or a culture of empathy and support that reduces the risk of burnout.


Once you’ve identified what makes you special, highlight these factors to your recruiting partner, feature them prominently on your website, include them in job descriptions, and share them across social media. Here are the bullet points:

  • Define what motivates people to work with your business.

  • Consult with your team members to gather insights and perspectives.

  • Highlight your unique strengths to your recruiting partner, website, job descriptions, and social media content.

2. Work on Your Digital Presence

When it comes to attracting top talent in retail, a great employer brand is only part of the equation. To achieve real results, you must also effectively position your brand in front of the right people – and a strong digital presence is essential for any business in today’s landscape.


Consider this: nearly 80% of job seekers are now using social media to aid their job search, while many more are scouring the web for reviews and insights into company culture before considering potential employers.


To succeed in this environment, it’s crucial to offer candidates a behind-the-scenes view of everything that makes your company special. This means outlining your values, mission statement, and vision in a way that captures their interest and imagination. It’s also important to ensure a consistent presence on all the social channels your target candidates use, and don’t forget to assess and update your appearance on job review boards too.


Here are the bullet points:

  • A great employer brand is only part of the equation for attracting top talent.

  • A strong digital presence is essential for any business in today’s landscape.

  • Offer candidates a behind-the-scenes view of what makes your company special.

  • Ensure a consistent presence on all social channels used by your target candidates.

  • Assess and update your appearance on job review boards.

3. Utilize Your Existing Employees

Your staff members are not just instrumental to the success of your business in terms of generating revenue, but they can also play a significant role in attracting new talent. By giving your employees a voice, you can offer potential candidates valuable insights into your company culture and the unique experiences you provide.

To make the most of this opportunity, consider sharing stories about your staff members’ accomplishments on your website and social media pages. Encourage team members to share links to your recent job postings when they are active online, as this can help expand your reach and attract a wider pool of qualified candidates.

4. Update Your Hiring Strategy with a Focus on Candidate Care

In today’s retail landscape, professionals have varying priorities, but one thing remains constant for all job seekers: the need for empathy. Job seekers want to know that their employer has their best interests at heart. To demonstrate your commitment to your candidates, it’s essential to implement strategies that prioritize candidate care throughout the hiring process.


One effective way to provide the right level of support is to offer a range of interview options that cater to different candidate preferences. Consider incorporating video and remote sessions, as well as face-to-face conversations, especially if you’re looking to hire remote or hybrid employees. By doing so, you’ll create a more efficient and streamlined process that meets the needs of all candidates.


Another approach to engaging candidates is to gamify the hiring process with challenges and competition. This approach not only makes the process more enjoyable but also helps to identify top candidates quickly. Standard operating procedures can also help streamline the selection journey, making it easier to narrow down options and find the best fit for your organization.


Finally, it’s crucial to stay consistently connected with your candidates throughout the hiring process. Regular communication is key to a positive candidate experience. By implementing these strategies, you’ll be able to show your candidates that you care and are committed to delivering a top-notch candidate experience.

5. Partner with a Specialized Recruitment Company

Partnering with a skilled recruitment consultant in the retail industry can be a game-changer for businesses seeking to attract top talent. These experts offer invaluable support in positioning your company in front of the right candidates through a range of channels, including job boards, social media, and industry events. But their impact goes far beyond that.


Working closely with a recruitment consultant can help you build a comprehensive talent pipeline that ensures you always have access to the best candidates. These consultants will leverage their networks and expertise to consistently seek out skilled professionals who can add value to your team, even if they aren’t currently actively job hunting.


Passive candidates, in particular, represent a significant talent pool that is often overlooked. Recent data from LinkedIn reveals that around 70% of the world’s talent falls into this category, making it essential to have a recruitment partner who knows how to reach and engage these candidates.


By partnering with a recruitment consultant and their firm, you can tap into their extensive networks and connections to access even the most elusive candidates. This means you won’t miss out on top talent who are waiting for better job opportunities, and you’ll have the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition.

6. Update Your Job Descriptions

The job descriptions you craft are often the first point of contact with potential candidates, so it’s critical to get them right. You don’t want to deter talented [sector] professionals by listing unnecessary or “preferred” skills. Instead, focus on highlighting the characteristics and qualities that are essential to the role.


It’s also essential to avoid language that may show unintentional bias towards a specific audience. By using inclusive language and avoiding any potentially discriminatory terminology, you’ll attract a more diverse pool of candidates.


In addition to outlining the requirements of the role, be sure to showcase the reasons why candidates would want to work for your company. Highlight your unique culture, competitive salary package, and any training and development opportunities you offer. By emphasizing these factors, you’ll differentiate your company from competitors and attract top talent who are seeking more than just a job.

Improve your Chances of Attracting Talent

In the retail industry, talented employees are in high demand but can be hard to come by. In fact, data from McKinsey indicates that a staggering 82% of businesses feel ill-equipped to recruit and hire the best staff.


To increase your chances of attracting top talent in today’s competitive landscape, it’s crucial to update your hiring strategy with the steps outlined above. By focusing on empathetic candidate care, building a talent pipeline, crafting compelling job descriptions, and avoiding unintentional biases, you can set your company apart from competitors and appeal to the best candidates.


If you’re still struggling to find the talent you need, working with a specialized recruitment company like The Black Diamond Agency can provide an extra boost. With their expertise and expansive network, they can help you expand your reach and uncover new opportunities to connect with the best candidates.


For over seven years, The Black Diamond Agency has been providing expert talent acquisition services to corporate retail clients and helping job seekers find their dream roles. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to call us at 919-813-2454 or email us at info@theblackdiamondagency.com. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with you!


Written by

Lileah Akiode


Lileah Akiode is the Managing Director of The Black Diamond Agency, a recruitment firm dedicated to connecting talented people with rewarding career opportunities. With a strong background in Talent Acquisition across different corporate retailers, Lileah brings a wealth of experience to ensure a seamless and positive candidate experience. In addition to corporate retail, Lileah also experience supporting the Financial Services and IT industries.


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