Building Your Dream Team, One Connection at a Time


Hi! I’m Lileah Akiode, the Managing Director of The Black Diamond Agency.

Recruiting has been my passion for over 20 years.

My journey started with an HR internship that continued after graduation. My desire to learn more about how companies run and what motivates people led me to support a variety of corporate departments – from the analytical world of IT and finance to the creative realms of merchandising and design. Each experience helped me understand the unique motivations that drive people in their careers.

The Black Diamond Agency was started to alleviate the frustrations on both sides of the recruitment equation. To support overwhelmed hiring managers (who may have too many resumes or sometimes not enough) and talented individuals (who felt in limbo). We saw an opportunity to bridge the gap. Our mission? Improve the recruitment process with genuine human connection and personalized support. We understand the unique needs of both sides, ensure a perfect match and a fulfilling career journey. No more sea of resumes, no more lost candidates. We offer a partnership built on trust, transparency, and a commitment to success.

We’re part of a network of 500+ expert recruiters nationwide who collaborate to connect great employers with top talent.

If you need to hire exceptional people for your team, we’ll leverage our vast network to find candidates with the perfect experience and skills.

If you’re a candidate seeking new career opportunities, we’ll help match you with roles and companies aligned to your talents.

We collaborate, you win!

Join us and experience recruitment with a personal touch. Let’s make your journey not just effective but enjoyable. Feel free to contact me to learn more about how we can assist you at or 919-813-2454.


Retail Headquarters

We specialize in providing talent acquisition support to retail headquarters. Functional areas we support are:

  • Design
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Allocation
  • Technical Design
  • Ecommerce Management
  • Sourcing

Corporate Offices 

Our experience extends beyond the retail industry. We also support corporate offices across various sectors, like financial services and hospitality. We have experience filling roles across the following areas:​

  • Call Center Support
  • Distribution Center
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Sales



"I love connecting people with the right companies so they both can succeed!"

To provide modern, creative, and results-driven recruiting solutions.


To be your go-to partner, empowering companies to build more inclusive and respectful workplaces by introducing you top talent who share your values and vision.


Three of our core values are:

Empathy: Commitment to understanding and valuing the experiences of every individual.
Transparency: Openness and honesty guide our communication, fostering trust with both clients and candidates
Adaptability: In a rapidly evolving world, adaptability is key. We embrace change with a spirit of flexibility and agility.