Attracting Talent Requires a Modern Makeover

Updating your EVP


Remember the days of attracting talent with ping pong tables and free snacks? In today’s job market, that’s the equivalent of offering black-and-white TV in the break room. Employees crave more than just perks; they want purpose, growth, and a sense of belonging. That’s where your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) comes in.

Think of your EVP as your company’s love language. It’s how you tell potential recruits and current employees what makes working with you special. If your EVP hasn’t had a makeover in the last year or two, it might be sending out some seriously cringe-worthy vibes.

How do you know if your EVP needs a reboot?

  • Ghosting candidates? A bland EVP doesn’t spark interest.
  • High turnover? Employees who feel undervalued won’t stick around.
  • Engagement flatlining? An outdated EVP fails to inspire.

A strong EVP is your ticket to talent magnet status. Here’s how to give yours a refresh:

  • Highlight what makes you unique: Ditch the generic benefits and showcase what would entice someone to want to work for you. Do you champion remote work flexibility? Build a culture of inclusivity? Shout it from the rooftops!
  • Focus on growth and development: Employees want to work for a company that will help them upskill and advance. Show them how you invest in their careers.
  • Align with evolving values: Remote work, mental health support, and social responsibility are no longer optional; they’re expectations. Ensure your EVP speaks to these priorities.

Remember, your EVP isn’t just a document; it’s a living promise. Make it authentic, dynamic, and one that you stand behind with proven examples. And watch your new promise transform into a talent magnet that attracts the best and brightest.




Written by

Lileah Akiode


Lileah Akiode is the Managing Director of The Black Diamond Agency, a recruitment firm dedicated to connecting talented people with rewarding career opportunities. With a strong background in Talent Acquisition across different corporate retailers, Lileah brings a wealth of experience to ensure a seamless and positive candidate experience. In addition to corporate retail, Lileah also experience supporting the Financial Services and IT industries.


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